The Green Fairy Absinthe Drink | Thujone from wormwood is responsible for Absinthe's hallucinogenic effects.

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Absinthe was already growing in popularity and was a perfect alternative, being a distilled spirit, it was much stronger than wine and had a mysterious effect that heightened the senses. It was perfect for the emerging Bohemian culture growing in Europe.
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Some people experience a cannabis like high, to mild hallucinations, some compare it to an opiate high and some experience an extreme sense of well being. It has also been known to stimulate creativity and to act as a curative and aphrodesiac. 
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Although Absinthe is a high volume alcoholic drink, a person does not experience the traditional drunkeness effects of typical alcoholic drinks, but rather an unusual mental clarity or stimulant in conjuntion with the high, because the combination of herbs have a kind off push and pull effect not allowing the alcohol to dominate the high.  However it must be said that if you drink too much over too many hours the stability effect of the herbs will wear off and the alcohol will take over with it traditional negative drunkness effects. Basically Absinthe should be savored like a fine wine and consumed with dignity, not as if you were playing some crude drinking shots game.
The ingredient in Absinthe "Thujone" is structurally related to (THC) which is found in cannabis, marijuana and hashish, but Thujone will definitely not show up on any drug test.  Thujone along with the combination of the other psychoactive herbs and the alcohol is what is believed to cause the psychedelic, hallucinogenic or high of Absinthe.
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A small number of people claim that they are visited by a little green fairy after drinking large amounts, this is how Absinthe got its nick name Green Fairy.  The facts are that there is no scientific proof to back up the Green Fairy visit testimonial effects so don't be dissapointed if you do not see a Green Fairy after drinking a glass or two.

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Traditionally Absinthe is not drunk straight. You pour about a shot glass amount into your drinking glass and then you pour ice cold water into the glass which dillutes the drink and then turns it into a cloudy opaque solution. Before you add the water, the absinth will be a clear green color, or tan depending on what brand you buy. Absinthe turns an opaque milky white in a process of Absinthe turning opaque emrald green or milky white after adding water is called louching. Louching occurs because the essential herbal oils Absinthe do not mix with water.
Although optional, it is also customary to add to the drink a sugarcube with the cold water.
There are special Absinthe spoons that are perforated with holes in them to allow the water and sugar to go through.

It is expensive because it is worth it. Absinthe is not some cheap 100 Proof liquor store rott-gut. Not only is the alcohol distilling processed highy refined, there is a combination of precicely balanced rare herbs that go into the Absinthe making process. The strength of your Absinthe depends on the level of Thujone in your bottle. 10mg of Thujone will produce the mildest effect, 35mg Thujone will produce a strong effect and the best 100mg will produce the strongest effect.  The higher the Thujone level the more expensive it will be. If what you are buying contains no Thujone then it is not real Absinthe.

The only way for you to purchase Absinthe if it is not available in your country would be to order it online or by mailorder from a country whose laws allow manufacture and sales of Absinthe. Absinthe can be found in some countries in Europe as long as the level of Thujone is limited to 10 mg. There are a select few countries that have no importing / exporting restrictions on Absinthe and can have Thujone levels as high as 100 mg. Absinthe can also be purchased in some parts of canada.  Anytime you are in the United States and some lounge, cafe or bar offers Absinthe for sale, then you should assume that it is not a real version.

Real Absinthe containing Thujone for human consumption is banned in many countries like the United States and Switzerland to name the least. In the United States, Absinthe is not against the law to posses, but you cannot manufacture it and supply to bars and liquor stores for sale. You will not find an American manufacturer of Absinthe. 
Many people have also claimed in the past to have bought an Absinthe cocktail, most commonly in New Orleans bars, pre Katrina, but this was not the real Absinthe, this was a Near-Absinthe with no Thujone.

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