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According to traditional style suspend a triangular spoon over the rim of the glass, then pour water over a sugar cube suspended on the spoon.


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Absinthe The Mystery
The ingredient in Absinthe "Thujone" is structurally related to (THC) which is found in cannabis, marijuana and hashish, but Thujone will definitely not show up on any drug test.  Thujone along with the combination of the other psychoactive herbs and the alcohol is what is believed to cause the psychedelic, hallucinogenic or high of Absinthe. A small number of people claim that they are visited by a little green fairy after drinking large amounts, this is how Absinthe got its nick name Green Fairy.  The facts are that there is no scientific proof to back up the Green Fairy visit testimonial effects so don't be dissapointed if you do not see a Green Fairy after drinking a glass or two.
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 Before you add the water, the absinth will be a clear green color, or tan depending on what brand you buy. Absinthe turns an opaque milky white in a process of Absinthe turning opaque emrald green or milky white after adding water is called louching. Louching occurs because the essential herbal oils Absinthe do not mix with water.
Although optional, it is also customary to add to the drink a sugarcube with the cold water.
Swiss Ban on Absinthe Lifted
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Absinthe information
It is an emerald green drink which is very bitter (due to the presence of absinthin).
Van Gogh, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Oscar Wilde, Manet and Ernest Hemingway
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